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Thursday, November 2

Cong OH-2: Wulsin (D) Radio Ad Slams Schmidt (R) on Nuclear Waste Issue

This oughta do it. The campaign of Vic Wulsin (D-Indian Hill) has announced that it has launched a paid media campaign criticizing Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) for favorably considering the idea of a nuclear waste dump in the 2nd District. It begins with this radio ad entitled "Nuclear Waste" that is airing in the Cincinnati media market.

"As a public health doctor who's spent years preventing disease, I know that importing nuclear waste is a terrible idea," Wulsin says in the ad. "I'm Dr. Victoria Wulsin, and keeping families healthy and safe is my top priority. Nuclear waste will jeopardize our children's health. In Congress, I won't stand for it."

Schmidt has come out in support of exploring the possibility of importing nuclear waste from around the world and storing it permanently in Piketon, OH. In a letter dated September 15, she told the Secretary of Energy that Piketon is "an ideal site" and the DOE should explore building the dump there. "I'm saying it is something we need to look at," Schmidt told the Cincinnati Enquirer.


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