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Tuesday, November 28

Ohio Sen 30th & 32nd: Trevena (D) Withdraws; Take the Poll

Cindy at As Ohio Goes has this post up about this article in the Youngstown Vindicator, reporting that front-runner Anthony Trevena (D-Guilford), a staffer for governor-elect Ted Strickland, has withdrawn his name from consideration as a replacement for Congressman-elect Charlie Wilson (D-St. Clairsville) in the Ohio Senate. Trevena was asked to withdraw by the Strickland transition team so that he can take a post in the new gubernatorial administration.

Meanwhile, Redhorse at Psychobilly Democrat has a reader poll on the three candidates to replace Attorney General-elect Marc Dann (D-Liberty Township) in the 32nd (i.e., State Rep. Sandy Stabile Harwood, perennial candidate Capri Cafaro, and former state legislator Tony Latell).

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