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Thursday, August 23

Ted Strickland on VP Short List of Clinton Backers

Cross-posted at my new location, Ohio Daily Blog:

I can't get at the underlying source yet, but Taegen Goddard says that according to the latest Evans-Novak Political Report
"[I]mportant supporters" of Sen. Hillary Clinton "are laying the groundwork for a campaign against Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) for Vice President on grounds that he adds nothing to the ticket. Prominent names offered as alternatives: Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.”
This is far from the first time that I have heard Strickland's name bandied about as a VP prospect. I have a few off-the-cuff thoughts about this:
1. Since Clinton is a Senator, it helps to have a Governor on the ticket. That is a plus for Warner as well as Strickland. (Why isn't Richardson on this list?)

2. Ohio figures to be one of the two or three most important swing states again in 2008. Location is in fact Strickland's most desirable feature.

3. Strickland provides "personality balance" to the ticket. He is genial and sincere and has inspired trust in rural voters (i.e., southeastern Ohio). Clinton has provided support for Strickland in the past and the two of them seem to have a genuine high regard for each other.

4. Although liberal on many issues, Strickland is more conservative on some social issues like guns and gambling. Another balancing factor? (Clinton has already staked out a few conservative social positions of her own, like that flag-burning nonsense.)

5. Strickland strikes me as a good -- but not stellar -- campaigner. He ran an excellent campaign for Governor, but he always seemed to come off more as solid and dependable than inspiring and visionary. If I had to guess, I'd say that the campaign was a very gruelling experience for both him and his spouse. Which leads to my last thought ...

6. I really, really don't think Strickland would want to run for Vice President. He has said that he wants to serve and retire as Governor and I believe him. He hasn't said or done anything during this run-up to the presidential nomination to indicate that he is paying any attention to it at all.


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