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Friday, September 7

OH-5: Karen Gillmor Won't Run; Latta (R) and Weirauch (D) Likely In

Stuart Rothenberg reports that Karen Gillmor, widow of Rep. Paul Gillmor (R), has decided not to enter the special election to fill the 5th Ohio Congressional District vacancy. Rothenberg says that State Rep. Bob Latta (R) is likely in, and State Sen. Randy Gardner (R) is also being mentioned:
Latta served in the state senate (1997-2000) and ran for the 5th District back in 1988, but lost to Paul Gillmor in the primary by 27 votes. Latta was running for the open seat vacated by his father, Delbert Latta (R), who served in Congress for three decades beginning in 1958. (Congressman Latta served briefly on the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment.)

Bob Latta is term-limited and represents similar territory in the Bowling Green area with state Sen. Randy Gardner (R), who is also mentioned as a potential candidate.
Rothenberg also thinks Robin Weirauch (D) will jump into the special. She ran against Gillmor in 2004 and 2006, and the second time won a respectable 43% of the vote. Bush won 60% of the vote in this district in 2004, but both Gov. Ted Strickland (D) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) carried it in 2006.

I keep thinking about County Commissioner Ben Konop (D-Toledo). I realize that he doesn't currently live in the district, but he made an impressive showing when he ran against Rep. Mike Oxley (R) in the 4th Congressional District in 2004, coming closer than any other Democratic Congressional challenger.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Bill Sloat said...

Hi Jeff --

What about Betty Montgomery? Is that just rumor, or nothing, or less than nothing. I hear her talked up downstate. Anything upstate? Is there speculation or nothing at all. I suppose she's not talking, I can't find where she's said anything at all . . .

But maybe I missed out on stuff.

At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democratic and friendly Republicans are trying to convince Mike Grandillo of Tiffin, Ohio to enter the race for the Fifth District of Ohio. I understand significant funds have been raised, in excess of $150,000. Their theme will be Mike is the only Democrat with a chance.

The Question is; will he decide to enter the race. Figuratively speaking, Mike Grandillo is the only Democrat in the race. We need to get this message out.

Conventional wisdom among enlightened voters is Mike Grandillo understands the values of the Fifth District and is the only Democrat that can win. What will happen to Robin if he throws his hat into the race?

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Mark Potteiger said...

After the untimely death of Congressman Gillmore, the 5th District finds itself leaderless. Sure the usual "also rans" will throw their hat into the race either because they feel they have "earned the right" to be there or because their "legacy" superceeds their abilities.

The people of the 5th District deserve to be represented by the best possible candidate and a leader. Bringing folks together has always been the goal but very few politicians are capable of doing it successfully. Mike Grandillo of Tiffin has demonstrated that ability when it comes to getting results. By taking the lead and making things happen for the good of all, he has earned the respect of Republicans as well as Democrats in his home town of Tiffin.
Now the people of the 5th District have an opportunity to make their voices heard in the halls of Congress. Lets not loose this opportunity to be represented by the best person for the job slip through our fingers.

At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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