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Wednesday, January 25

Governor: Blackwell (R) abusing his office (again)?

BobcatJH has posted this diary at DailyKos.com, detailing Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's involvement in an outrageously slanted telephone "poll," funded by a Republican-backed outfit with ties to the Swift Boat Liars. Here is the text of a pre-recorded message left on an Ohio answering machine:

"This is your Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell. I was calling to ask your views on the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito. I am sorry I missed you.

It is a sad day in our country when a good, honest, qualified man and his family have to be subjected to the attacks of liberal members of the U.S. Senate, like Ted Kennedy. Fortunately in Ohio, we can be proud that Senator Mike DeWine, a member of the influential Judiciary Committee, is standing with President Bush by supporting his Supreme Court nominee. This is good news for our country and Ohio.

This message was authorized and paid for by the Judicial Confirmation Network. For more information, please visit judicialnetwork.com. Thank you for your time, and goodbye."

BobcatJH details the Republican and Swift Boat connections of the "Judicial Confirmation Network."

Set against Bob Taft's ethical lapses, the Noe-Coingate scandal, the breaking Bob Ney scandal, the odious Republican manipulation of the election process via HB 3, and all the other corruption and sleaze in our Republican-run state government, this may seem like a small ethical violation, but it stinks. I hope that the media and the public hold him accountable.


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