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Friday, April 21

Cong. 2nd, 6th & 13th: New Polls

Thanks to the splendid Ohio 2nd Blog for linking to a new Survey USA poll, showing incumbent Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) leading challenger Bob McEwen (R-Hillsboro) in the Ohio 2nd Congressional District race by a huge margin of 56% to 33%, with only 3% undecided. This poll contrasts sharply with a somewhat older Zogby poll, showing Schmidt and McEwen statistically tied at 35% to 33%.

Meanwhile, the write-in bid by State Sen. Charlie Wilson (D-St. Clairsville) in Ohio's 6th Congressional District seems to be in decent shape, according to a new Survey USA poll that shows Wilson with 54% support, compared to 9% for Bob Carr (D-Wellsville) and 6% for John Luchansky (D-Poland). On the Republican side, a Survey USA poll shows State Rep. Charles Blasdel (R-East Liverpool) with 41% support compared to 11% each for Tim Ginter (R-East Liverpool) and Danny Harmon (R-Quaker City).

Finally, in the 13th Congressional District race, the campaign of Betty Sutton (D-Barberton)reports that polling commissioned from Goodwin Simon Victoria shows Sutton closing the gap with former Rep. Tom Sawyer (D-Akron). The new numbers show Sawyer with 23% support compared to 18% for Sutton, 15% for Capri Cafaro (D-Sheffield Lake), and 11% for Gary Kucinich (D-Cleveland). Results from the same polling firm released January 23 had Sawyer at 27%, Kucinich at 22%, Cafaro at 7%, and Sutton at only 4%. The new figures contrast with a week-old Survey USA poll for WKYC that showed Sawyer at 24%, Cafaro at 21%, Kucinich at 15%, and Sutton at 13%.


At 3:34 AM, Blogger bradyclark said...

Another candiadate in Repub primary in Ohio 6th is gaining momentum. Former elected county sheriff Dick Stobbs has just been endorsed by Gen. Franks, retired Secretary of the Army. Dick also received an A rating from the NRA. He has already shown his actual ability to gain strong bipartisan support when he was previously elected as the only Republican sheriff in Belmont County in over seventy-five years. He has worked union and management jobs in riverfront mills in Jefferson and Monroe County, and has lifelong farm roots in Belmont County, college in Athens, family ties in Caldwell, and is well known along the river. He is the only decorated combat veteran in the race, and is clearly a strong candidate. His channel 9 WTOV five minutes is available on the web, and his website of Stobbsforcongress.com has an excellent bio. He did well on radio at WWVA last week.He has significant volunteer and public life experience in the heart of the 6th Ohio District.

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