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Tuesday, July 25

Cong. OH-14: Katz (D) Releases Iraq Plan

Congressional candidate and law professor Lewis Katz (D-Pepper Pike), who seeks to unseat incumbent Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-Painesville), has unveiled his plan for withdrawing American troops from Iraq while assuring Iraq's future stability. "Our troops have accomplished all that has been asked of them by this administration," writes Katz in his press release. "They have toppled a ruthless dictator and laid the foundation for an independent Iraq. The time has come to bring them home. My plan will accomplish that while making sure Iraq does not slide any further into chaos."

Katz's plan, the full text of which is available in Word format here, consists of "three R's": reducing the number of American troops in Iraq, replacing them with a coalition made up of troops from America's allies in the region such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and redeveloping Iraq's infrastructure by opening the country to investment from countries around the world. "Until now the majority of redevelopment contracts have been secured through a no-bid process limited to American corporations. This policy has resulted in limited world interest in Iraq. In order to speed redevelopment, that has got to change," Katz writes.

"Sadly, the Bush Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress have failed to provide any kind of realistic strategy for getting our forces out of Iraq," Katz continues. "My plan is intended to fill that leadership void." Katz notes that LaTourette has been a consistent supporter of the Bush Administration's failed Iraq policies. "Congressman LaTourette has been one of the president's chief enablers of this disastrous war. It's time he was called to account for his role in this war."

Katz's plan is endorsed by Joseph Hoar, a four-star general in the United States Marine Corps; Professor Michael Scharf, director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at Case Western Reserve University and a nominee for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize; and Professor Amos Guiora, director of the Institute for Global Security Law and Policy at Case Law School and a counterterrorism expert.

Concluding, Katz states that "the nation has arrived at a crossroads in its Iraq policy," and has "a clear opportunity to turn away from the situation wherein America bears all the costs of lives and treasure in Iraq." It is "up to the nations of the Middle East to secure the region's destiny, he continues, and by pursuing his plan "we can assure Iraqi independence and stability, and bring our troops home."


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