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Wednesday, August 2

Atty Gen: Poll Shows Dann (D) and Montgomery (R) in Tight Race

About an hour ago attorney general candidate State Sen. Marc Dann (D-Youngstown) told me that a poll commissioned by AFSCME and conducted by the Benenson Group will be released within days, showing him in a very tight race with State Auditor Betty Montgomery (R):

43.5% Montgomery (R)
39.0% Dann (D)

I don't have any information on number of respondents or margin of error.

In this race it was thought that Montgomery's strong statewide name recognition and virtual incumbency (having previously served as attorney general) would put her in a commanding position, so this poll is fantastic news for the Dann campaign.


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard anymore about these numbers? Just a curious Buckeye...interesting race in the state this year huh?


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