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Friday, July 28

Secty of State: Brunner (D) Endorsed by Emily's List

In a huge boost for the campaign of Secretary of State candidate Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus), EMILY's List announced yesterday its support for the former judge, election official, election law attorney, and legislative counsel under a former Secretary of State, Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon).

EMILY's List is the largest political action committee in the nation and biggest financial resource for pro-choice women running for elective office. From the press release:
"Jennifer is an ideal candidate: smart, determined, concerned about her community, and highly qualified," said Karen M. White, national political director of EMILY's List. "Her experience in local politics, courts, and elections speaks for itself, and Jennifer's record shows that she is Ohio's best opportunity for positive change, and the best choice for Ohio's Secretary of State."

Brunner is one of the most qualified candidates for the office of Secretary of State in Ohio's history. If elected, she will be the first Secretary of State to have served on a local board of elections before progressing to the position of the state's top election official. She has served as legislative counsel to then Secretary of State Sherrod Brown, and also as a private practice elections lawyer, a special prosecutor for election fraud, and a judge.

"Jennifer understands the problems facing Ohio and she has the knowledge and strength to fix those problems," continued White. "EMILY's List is confident that Ohio voters will take note of Jennifer's efforts over the past two decades to keep their votes effective and fair, as well as her successes at revolutionizing their courts and protecting their communities, and elect her Secretary of State."


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