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Monday, August 28

Sen: Brown (D) Debunks New DeWine (R) TV Ad

[NOTE: I have removed the embedded link, but the video is availablehere.]

Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) is crying foul over the latest misleading ad by incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Cedarville). Click on the image above to watch the Brown campaign's online video response.

The Brown campaign has also prepared a detailed rebuttal in Acrobat (.pdf) format, available here. In brief, the Brown camp debunks DeWine's introductory remark that “We all have to work together: Democrats, Republicans” by pointing out that DeWine voted for President Bush’s agenda 96% of the time during Bush's first term, and that Karl Rove has referred to DeWine as a "loyal and strong supporter of the president.”

Regarding DeWine's statement that “Together we've lowered taxes for millions of Ohioans,” the Brown campaign lists numerous DeWine votes for special tax breaks for the super-rich and big oil companies, and as to DeWine's statement that “We just passed a law to help protect the retirement benefits of Ohio workers and retirees…”, Brown explains that the pension bill was a big victory for corporations, including many who are huge campaign contributors to DeWine, and acutally hurt workers by discouraging companies from offering defined benefit pension plans.

Debunking DeWine's claim that he has strengthened law enforcement to fight terrorism, the Brown camp provides over six pages of examples of how DeWine has supported the Iraq war and occupation but opposed homeland security funding, and has failed to perform effectively as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and lists numerous examples of Brown's support for tax cuts for the middle class, votes to protect pensions, and votes to support homeland security and fight terrorism (including supporting the death penalty in certain circumstances).


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