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Monday, September 25

Atty Gen: Dann (D) Pleased with Dispatch Poll

Attorney general candidate State Sen. Marc Dann (D-Liberty Township) is the only non-judicial Democratic statewide candidate to trail in this weekend's Columbus Dispatch poll, but he's not discouraged about it. In fact, he says, he's thrilled with where he is.

The poll indicated State Auditor Betty Montgomery with 47% support, Dann with 39%, and 14% undecided. The Dann campaign reports that a number of other surveys also have also shown the race to be close, in some cases within the margin of error, with Montgomery consistently below 50%. It's the latter part that particularly cheers campaign and communications director Leo Jennings. "Even though she holds a wide edge in name recognition, has won three statewide elections, was the GOP's top vote getter in 1998 and 2002, and has a boatload of special interest money, she has been unable to gain traction with the voters," Jennings says. "Clearly her campaign is in trouble, especially since Marc continues to pick up support despite her attempts to smear him and even though we really haven't spent much money to communicate with the voters."

As far as the undecided voters, look for them to break Dann's way because of widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo in Ohio. "Surveys have consistently shown that three out of four Ohioans believe the state is moving in the wrong direction," Jennings says. "And, unfortunately for Betty Montgomery, they know who is responsible for the problems we have."

Jennings said there is one other sign that Senator Dann is poised to win: Montgomery hit the air yesterday with an attack ad. "Desperate candidates do desperate things," Jennings says. "Ms. Montgomery is so afraid that the public will learn the truth about her failed record and her ties to corruption that she will say just about anything at this point to change the subject. We're confident, however, that the people of Ohio will reject her and her pathetic attacks on Marc."


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