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Thursday, September 14

Cong OH-13: Sutton (D) Endorsed by League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has endorsed former state representative Betty Sutton (D-Copley) in the 13th Congressional District race, citing her commitment to putting America on the right track towards a clean energy future by investing in renewable and alternative energy.

"LCV is pleased to endorse Betty Sutton," LCV President Gene Karpinski said. "Ms. Sutton is an experienced legislator who understands that by investing in clean renewable energy, we can help build a new economy, while creating American jobs and improving the air we breathe. We believe Ms. Sutton will be an outstanding member of Congress -- and like outgoing Rep. Sherrod Brown, will be a great advocate for the people of Ohio's 13th District."

The Sutton campaign notes that "in addition to her support for renewable energy, Ms. Sutton believes in common sense solutions to our energy problems that would help consumers while improving the environment, such as making new cars go further on a gallon of gas. She also supports tax incentives to encourage the public to choose energy efficient alternatives for their homes and cars." Sutton was a member of the Energy and Environment Committee in the General Assembly, where she supported environmentally sound legislation.

"I am deeply honored to have received the LCV endorsement. As a member of Congress I will continue to be an advocate for environmental issues, as I have been throughout my career as a city and county councilmember and as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives," Sutton said. "I will fight to restore sound environmental policies and will stand against President Bush when he attempts to replace such policies, like the Clean Air Act, with shams, like his 'Clear Skies' initiative."


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