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Monday, September 11

Cong. OH-3: Sanders (D) Announces Endorsements

With former federal prosecutor Richard Chema (D-Oakwood) having locked up the endorsements of the Dayton Daily News, Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin, the Dayton City Commissioners, and the Montgomery County Democratic Party for Friday's special primary election, it seemed that all the wind had been taken out of sails of opponent and former mayor Charles W. Sanders (D-Waynesville) (pictured).

Today, however, the Sanders campaign has announced the endorsement of Sanders by Wilmington Mayor David L. Raizk. This follows Saturday's announcement of the endorsement of Sanders by Clinton County Democratic Party Chairperson Ann Reno, who wrote in the Dayton Daily News that Sanders is "a respected leader" who "understands the diversity of the counties" in the district, that he will "make history as the first-ever African-American candidate for Congress from the 3rd District," and represents "our best chance to win in November." Campaign spokesman Sanjay Mahajan asserts that these endorsements make Sanders a competitive candidate in the primary, and that "more key endorsements in other counties are to follow."


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