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Wednesday, September 6

Cong. OH-6 and OH-18: Polls Show Dems Ahead

The redoubtable BSB is reporting that new polling shows leads for State Sen. Charlie Wilson (D-Bridgeport) [pictured at right] over Ohio House Speaker Pro Tem Charles Blasdel (R-East Liverpool) in the 6th Congressional District and Zack Space (D-Dover) [pictured at left] over a generic Republican (to be determined in the September 14 special primary election) in the 18th Congressional District:

56% Wilson (D)
40% Blasdel (R)

47% Space (D)
43% Undetermined Republican
More information from MyDD: "These polls were conducted by Constituent Dynamics, August 27-29. They are done IVR style (automated telephone), are all likely voters, have large sample sizes (close to 1,000), and margin of error of 3.1%."


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