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Friday, September 1

Gov: Strickland (D) Endorsed by Two More Law Enforcement Groups

Ohio's State Troopers and the National Association of Police Organizations have joined the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police and the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters in endorsing Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) for governor, calling him the best choice for Ohio's law enforcement community. "Troopers and their families want a change in the leadership of this state and we are convinced that a positive change that will benefit all of our Troopers, current and retired, as well as their families, will best be accomplished through the election of Ted Strickland," said Jim Roberts, executive director of the Ohio Troopers Coalition. "This state needs clear and decisive leadership directed to the real economic problems we face. We believe that Ted Strickland is best able to accomplish the economic recovery that Ohio must experience." The Ohio Troopers Coalition represents more than 1,600 Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers, Sergeants, and Communications Officers. In a poll of its members, 89% said they supported Strickland for governor.

Strickland was also endorsed by the National Association of Police Organizations and its Ohio chapter, the Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association. “Ted Strickland has always taken an interest in law enforcement issues, and we’re grateful for his commitment to us,” said Terry Gallagher, executive director of the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. “We believe he’s the strongest candidate to represent the interests of Ohio’s law enforcement officers.” The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association represents more than 220 police departments and law enforcement agencies throughout Ohio, including ranking officers and chiefs. The national association represents 238,000 rank and file police officers across the country.

“I am grateful for the overwhelming support I've received from Ohio's law enforcement community,” said Strickland. “These men and women are on the front lines keeping Ohioans' safe, and as governor I'll be as committed to them as they are to our state."


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