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Wednesday, September 13

Ohio Sen 3rd, 13th, 25th: News & Notes

A few news items in Ohio Senate races:

3rd District: I'm told that the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus has conducted polling in the 3rd District and the news is encouraging for Emily Kreider (D-Westerville) of the "I Am Emily Kreider" advertising: a one-point lead over incumbent State Sen. David Goodman, lots of voters still undecided, and a heavy lead for gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) in the district. If I can get someone to tell me the specifics I'll pass them along. UPDATE: There's a nice feature on Kreider on the front page of the newly renovated Senate Democratic Caucus web site.

13th District: Sue Morano (D-Lorain) will do a Meet the Bloggers interview on Saturday, September 23, at Jackalope in Lorain.

25th District: State Rep. Lance T. Mason (D-Cleveland) will debate David Lynch (R-Cleveland) tomorrow night at 7:00 pm at Heskett Middle School, 5771 Perkins, Bedford Heights, Ohio.


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