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Tuesday, September 12

Changes at This Blog

I avoid writing about internal blog matters, but these seem to merit some mention:

* To streamline things for my readers, I have eliminated the annoying pop-up ads when you go to my linked candidate list. I try to keep this resource updated with current web addresses for all candidates (from whatever party) for all federal, statewide, and general assembly offices. Assistance from readers in this task is much appreciated.

* I have changed the blog title to "Ohio2006 Blog." Starting tomorrow, this site can be reached via the simple web address "ohio2006blog.com," although the current clunky address "ohio2006elections.blogspot.com" will still function.

* To my chagrin and embarrassment, I have fallen seriously behind in my writing. Specifically, I have notes for three candidate interviews conducted a few weeks ago that I have yet to edit and publish, and I also have notes from covering a variety of events that have yet to see the light of blogification. Consequently, over the next few days I will not be attending or reporting on political events so that I can catch up on my backlog. My apologies to those who have been awaiting publication of these posts.


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