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Tuesday, September 19

Ohio Sen 3rd, 13th, 27th: Dems Doing Well in Internal Polling

I missed this story in Saturday's Columbus Dispatch, which provides a bit more information about internal polling by the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus.

In the 3rd District, Emily Kreider (D-Westerville) polled at 1 point over Sen. David Goodman (R-New Albany), with a remarkable 30% undecided. Kreider's lead is within the 4 point margin of error. When I spoke to Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus Campaign Director Robert Dempsey last week he declined to reveal any specific information about the poll, citing caucus policy, but he did make this statement:
Emily Kreider is looking very strong, very good. Voters don't see David Goodman in very good standing, most don't even know who he is. Goodman has done a poor job of distinguishing himself, leaving the door open for someone like Emily, an ordinary citizen, who has run a really terrific campaign. We're really looking forward to November.
Meanwhile, according to the Dispatch article, polling shows Sue Morano (D-Lorain) with a double-digit lead over Ohio Board of Education member Martha Wise (R-Avon) in the 13th District. [UPDATE: I'm told the precise lead is 13.] This is fantastic news for Morano, a nurse and SEIU activist. She ran in 2002 and lost to Sen. Jeffry Armbruster (R-North Ridgeville), now term-limited, by fewer than 400 votes. Morano said this year is very different because voters are "very angry": "They don’t feel like they’re getting a fair shake in Columbus. It’s an entirely different mood."

Finally, in the 27th District, university instructor and activist Judy Hanna (D-Akron) is reportedly in a dead heat with Sen. Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls), another very encouraging result. Hanna was impressive in her Meet the Bloggers interview, available here.


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