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Thursday, October 5

Ohio House 17th: Mandel (R) Ad Panned in Plain Dealer

The editors of the Cleveland Plain Dealer liked Josh Mandel (R-Lyndhurst) well enough to endorse him over the more experienced Roger Goudy (D-Solon) in the 17th Ohio House District race, but apparently they don't like his attack ad against Goudy one bit. Editorial Page Director Brent Larkin writes on the Plain Dealer blog Openers today that "Josh Mandell was supposed to be different," as in "young, moderate and brimming with good ideas about fixing Ohio's many problems," but now Mandel is "acting like a typical politician" by "tak[ing] a cheap shot at his opponent, using grainy black-and-white video footage of the Solon councilman and words that depict Goudy as a big taxer." Bottom line, Mandel's "initial venture into the big-time world of television advertising is a disappointment."

Yep, same old, same old from this young Republican. Pretty disappointing, isn't it? Go ahead, Brent, retract the endorsement. Goudy deserved it more than Mandel in the first place.


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