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Thursday, October 5

Sen: VIDEO - DeWine (R) Waffling on Predatorgate

Here's an excellent bit of video, showing how Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Cedarville) waffled and hedged during Sunday's Meet the Press debate on the issue of whether Republican House leaders should resign for their inadequate response to Rep. Mark Foley's unhealthy interest in underage House pages ... after having portrayed himself as a champion of children:

[NOTE: I have removed the embedded link, but the video is available here.]


At 4:55 PM, Blogger Jill said...

Ugh. Okay - here's the thing. And we can say that the analogy doesn't work because we're talking about elected officials versus government-employed or privately employed child welfare workers, BUT...even Ohio law says that just because the mental health professional was WRONG in determining whether someone as at risk from harm, it doesn't mean that they should lose their job. The law only requires that they follow certain procedures to assess the situation and then document the decision they ultimately make.

So - the analogy would be that the elected officials all should have told the people who they should tell - in this case, the FBI or other law enforcement people, perhaps even the DC child welfare department plus a cybercrime unit.

But then, it's up to those units to decide whether something actionable is going on.

Promise - I don't want these elected officials there - I DO NOT.

BUT...the issue has to do with following protocol. Foley should be gone and anyone else under suspicion of similar conduct should be gone at least while being investigated.

But ultimately, it's the people who do the assessment who must standby their decision as to whether something actionable has happened or not.

From Hastert on down - they f**ked up big time - no question. But their mistake was in how they handled what they were told. Is that something for which they should step down?

I don't know - I'm asking - is it?

If we say, IF we say yes, we need to apply that standard every time.

Maybe that should be the standard. Or maybe we use our vote.

I'm not sure - just saying, I'm not sure.


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