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Wednesday, October 18

Ohio Sen 7th: Smith (D) and Schuler (R) Debate Tonight

Here's an event I wish I could attend. Determined Ohio Senate challenger Rick Smith (D-Cincinnati) takes on Sen. Robert Schuler (R-Sycamore Township) in a League of Women Voters-hosted debate tonight at 7:00 om at the Anderson Township Government Center, 7954 Beechmont Avenue. From the Smith campaign press release:
When the candidates met in Warren County for the Mason Christian Village Candidate Forum on October 4th, an audience member asked what their intentions were to fix school funding. The Senator insisted that this problem “will never be solved” and that “we [the state of Ohio] can’t afford to bring education levels up.” Consider the multiple rulings by Ohio’s Supreme Court, the first of which took place in 1997, deeming the school funding system as unconstitutional. Also consider that Mr. Schuler has held his senate seat for four years and a house seat for the previous eight years.

Smith believes this blatant inaction a tragedy for our children and that it is systemic of the attitudes found in Columbus among our current legislators. Smith intends to bring creative ideas and the determination it takes to solve these serious problems, like school funding. “It is the duty of those who participate in public service to remain resolute in our toughest of moments and our hardest of challenges.” Smith continues, “If you elect me as your senator, I promise to be tenacious in all efforts to turn Ohio around.”
As an entrenched Republican incumbent in a conservative district Schuler ought to have little to fear in this race ... except perhaps an energetic opponent and his own complacence and overconfidence.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, you have proven that you know NOTHING about school funding. NOTHING.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

I know that the system is unconstitutional and a burden to those hard hit by property taxes, and I know that the defeatist attitude of Republican legislators is the wrong way to approach it. The problem can be solved (indeed, other states have solved it), but only by making the task of finding a solution a priority. Schuler is exactly the kind of legislator who won't do so.


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