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Thursday, October 12

Sen: DeWine (R) Seeking Traditionally Democratic Jewish Vote

A reader reports that the campaign of Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Cedarville) is seeking signers for a letter of support, to be published in the Cleveland Jewish News either as an op-ed or a letter to the editor. The following are excerpts from the draft letter:
We are writing this letter in support of our good friend US Senator Mike DeWine. Senator DeWine is up for re-election on November 7, 2006, and we urge you to vote for him. . . .

He has consistently supported Israel – especially during this time of turmoil in the Middle East. In this year’s budget, Senator DeWine supported over $100 million in Economic Support Funds and over $2.3 billion in military assistance to Israel.

He co-sponsored a resolution supporting Israel’s right to build a security fence around the West Bank, and further, co-sponsored the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 restricting assistance to the Palestinian Authority. . . .

Senator DeWine wrote the legislation that mandated the release of the Nazi War Crimes documents and since that time, has continually worked with the CIA and the US Government to make sure these records are properly disclosed. Further, he held hearings in Cleveland, giving the survivor community the opportunity to participate in the process.

Further, as an influential member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator DeWine has secured funding for agencies such as Bellefaire and the JCC. He has secured funding for the Jewish Community Federation and for the Maltz Museum . . .

Senator DeWine has also fought against proposals that would be of great harm to those that are most vulnerable in our community. He has opposed major funding cuts in housing assistance programs, seniors’ services, Social Security, Medicaid, public transportation, and education programs.

And Senator DeWine has worked on a bipartisan basis to get things done. He has co-sponsored important legislation with his democratic colleagues such as Senators Levin and Lautenberg. He has worked with Senators Clinton and Dodd on pediatric drug testing. He has worked with Senators Schumer and Kohl. And he worked closely with Congressman Ted Strickland on legislation to help courts handle the special needs of the mentally ill. . . .

Simply put, Senator DeWine has used his position in the US Senate to fight for our community and he will continue to do so. . . .
That part about opposing funding cuts to social programs strikes me as very wrong.

People who disagree with these points should consider writing letters to the editor of the Cleveland Jewish News in support of Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon). The email address for letter to the editor is letters@cjn.org.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Jill said...

Oy. Which, by the way, is in my word verification.

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


INANE COMMENTS (for example see two posts up, ALWAYS WELCOME!

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Ira said...

As a Jew I am totally insulted by these misrespresentations made by a desparate candidate, Senator Michael Dewine in a letter to us.

First it is beyond belief that he would brag that he has helped the least vulnerable of us when over a ten year period he has repeatedly opposed raising the minimum wage or supported poisen pills to assure its defeat while supporting cuts to Medicaid. Please explain sir, why the Dewine/Bush policies which have seen civil rights and civil liberties desiminated in this country and the US Constitution shreded with unconstitutional expansion of executive powers the last 6 years, represent Jewish values and traditions. What is it about torture that represents Jewish values Senator? There is absolutely nothing I have learned in my Jewish education that would support that policy .

Are you proudest of your unbridled support of Justice Alito or the bankruptcy bill which hurts the most vulnerable? And why did you and the Republican Party oppose a provision in the bankruptcy Bill which would have exempt Katrina victims from the bankruptcy bill for one year? Is that what you meant sir when you boast of what you have done for the most vulnerable?

And why Senator have you opposed allowing seniors to purchase prescription drugs from Canada or Israel, and stand in the way of Medicare negotiating prescription prices for my 91 year old mom?

And why have you stood silently when Diebolt and Ken Blackwell were in charge of the '04 election and the '06 election laws which are targeted to suppress voter turnout, require the elderly and our most vulnerable to prove they are legitimate voters with drivers licenses, and harrass naturalized citizens seeking to vote in their first election. I haven't heard much complaint from you Senator about these policies which you must think represent the best of social justice.

Rather, we should follow the prophet Micah in his teachings which we as Jews were taught to believe that we should do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God. That means truly helping the poor and needy and not trampling on their civil rights even when it conflicts with your party’s electoral objectives.

Women's Rights: Why have you chosen to support the extreme wing of your party by denying women control over their bodies and criminalizing theirs right to choice. Why have you refused to support stem cell research to help the most vulnerable of our Jewish community like my dad suffering from Alzheimers or my relatives with Parkinsons, with medical research that would help the most vulnerable residents in Cleveland's Menorah Park Nursing Facility and bring new technology to Ohio?

The Jewish community I belong to and so love, Senator, supports helping the homeless, tzdaka, and justice, and equality for All Americans and does not advocate writing discrimination into our Constitution to win votes for our party. Why are there more homeless in Cleveland Senator since you and George Bush the man you vote with 96% of the time, and you and your party have been in control over all branches of government? Why has minority unemployment and bankruptcies almost doubled Senator Dewine, and Americans without health insurance increased to 47 million since you and your party have taken control over all branches of government? And why have you and your party repeatedly opposed hate crimes laws needed to protect Jews and minorities from religious and racial intolerance?

Perhaps that is what you meant when you stated that you are standing up for minority rights and the most vulnerable among us?

And Senator you said absolutely nothing about your stubborn stay the course policies in Iraq and how it has destabilized the Middle East and made Isrrael more vulnerable to terrorism. And Senator you said absolutely nothing about your party's failure or President Bush’s stubborn refusal to engage the Middle East to seek peace with Israel over 6 years of this Administration. Have you ever called for a Middle East summit since you have been a U.S. Senator ?

And why did you side with Ratheon and the Congress’when they refused to consider purchashing the state of the art Israeli Trophy System which would protect our American tanks from IEDs in Iraq that would save many of our American soldiers?
“The system in question is the Trophy, developed by the Haifa-based Rafael Armament Development Authority. It is said to be capable of creating a hemispheric protective zone around armored vehicles such as the Merkava tank that counters incoming missiles with radar-guided projectiles.

"The congressional hearing was convened following an in-depth NBC report that questioned why the US Army had decided to award the $70 million contract to US company Raytheon, whose active-protection system will only be ready in 2010, while Rafael said the Trophy was operational and ready for sale. “

Social Security, Senator. You have been a strong advocate for Privitizing Social Security in the U.S. Senate. President Bush vows to revisit Privitization in January, why should we trust you Senator to not once again stand with the President in support of putting Social Security benefits in jeopardy and allowing risky stock market investments like investments in Enron and Worldcom, and Global Crossing. And you think Senator we as Jews don't know that you have been an outspoken advocate for Privitizing Social Security?

Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, K Street, Bob Taft, Duke Cunningham, Congressman Mark Foley, Haliburton,Ken Blackwell, David Safavian, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Donald Rumsfield, Gary Bauer, James Dobson, Lou Shelton, Senator these are all folks associated with your "Republican Party". Are these the mensch who are doing mitzvot for our communities and working for social justice and integrity which the Ohio Jewish community should look up to and honor by supporting your candidacy? Are these the type of people and policies Senator, that we as Jews should be proud of and for which we have heard nothing from you or your campaign?

And you have stood on the sideline and watched college education costs skyrocket and Pell Grants be cut for our children while participating in the outsourcing of our economy and our jobs to Bangalore while rewarding your largest campaign contributors. You do understand Senator how important higher education is to our Jewish Community, don’t you?

Oy, you think we are a bit famished Senator Dewine? Support by the Jewish community for you Senator and your party would be a real shanda.


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