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Sunday, October 8

Secty of State: Brunner (D) Endorsed by Akron Beacon Journal

Today the Akron Beacon Journal endorsed Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus), calling her "the much more impressive candidate" based on "serv[ing] very capably as a judge on the Franklin County Common Pleas Court for five years" and her private practice in election law and serving as deputy director and legislative counsel to Secretary of State Sherrod Brown. Bottom line, "Brunner has fitting knowledge and experience for the position." The editors reject the notion that "Brunner will prove too partisan," noting her independence as a judge. "Better to go with the candidate well-versed in the office and armed with a record of making tough choices." The experience touted by opponent Greg Hartmann (R-Cincinnati) in business, the prosecutor's office, and as clerk of court "doesn't come close to matching the preparation of" Brunner, who "is the better choice for such a critical and now very prominent office."


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