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Tuesday, October 10

Secty State: Hartmann (R) Cuts & Runs From Candidates Forum

From a reader:
Where was Candidate Whats-His-Name? Last night, Republican candidate Greg Hartmann (R-Cincinnati) failed to respond to a Waycross Community Media Candidate Forum in Forest Park, in Hamilton County. For those of you playing along at home, Hamilton County is Greg's home county! Democratic Candidate Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus) drove two hours from Columbus for the broadcast. Tim Kettler (G-Warsaw), Green Party candidate, was also present. The broadcast was live on Metro Access Channel 24 and will be replayed on Government Access Channel 23.

Top 5 Possible Reasons Why Greg Skipped Last Night's Forum:

5) He was checking the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts website to see if anyone else had their identity stolen recently;
4) He was the "other guy" at a Blackwell event - ("Oh HE was the other guy...");
3) He was out hunting with Dick Cheney;
2) He was out shopping for clothes with Naked Guy from his former office;
1) He was arguing with the people from Webster's Dictionary about what the word "arrest" means.
As Staff would say ... heh.


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