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Monday, October 9

Cong OH-7: Hobson (R) Abuses Franking Privilege, Cuts & Runs From Debate

Engineer and U.S. Air Force veteran William R. Conner (D-Beavercreek) reports that incumbent David Hobson (R-Springfield) appears to be using his Congressional franking privilege (mailing without paying postage) for partisan campaign purposes. Based on anecdotal evidence, it looks to Conner like Hobson has sent an unsolicited letter to everyone who has communicated with Hobson in the past, no matter how long ago or on what issue. Conner says that this is "obviously the use of his Congressional printing and postal privileges for political purposes." He requests others who have received such letters to mail copies, and indicate when the matter involved was closed, to:

Bill Conner
3193 Kingfisher Pl.
Beavercreek, OH 45431

Conner also relates that WHIO TV 7 in Dayton offered to host a live debate between Conner and Hobson. Hobson refused. At the joint endorsement interview with the Columbus Dispatch, Conner asked Hobson if he would reconsider. He said, "you run your campaign and I'll run mine."


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