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Tuesday, November 14

Launch of Ohio Daily Blog Postponed to Nov. 28th

Arrangements for the new Ohio Daily Blog are taking longer than expected. I am postponing the launch by two weeks to November 28th, the official deadline for election results. Until then I will continue to focus on Ohio politics and the aftermath of the election here on Ohio2006 Blog.

Thanks to my readers for your interest and support, and for your patience while I make this transition!


At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Billybob said...

Key words being " raise the buckets of cash needed to defend the seat" . That sad but true. Look at the Ohio 3rd Senate race. Goodman 1.5 million to Kreider's $150,000 and not much help from the Dem. party. Still Emily got almost 46% and may yet pull 47 or 48% when all the votes are in. It is time to change the way we fund Elections in Ohio.


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