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Tuesday, September 11

Ohio's Federal Legislators React to Petraeus and Crocker

Judging by the initial reactions of Ohio members of Congress to the testimony of Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, we won't be seeing many defections in either direction from the pro-war and anti-war camps. After stating in the spring that their continued support for the surge depended on a showing of success by September, Reps. John Boehner (R-West Chester), Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington), and Pat Tiberi (R-Genoa Township) have all told the Columbus Dispatch that they are persuaded to support Petraeus' recommendations on the basis that there has been some military progress on the ground in Iraq. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urban) likewise expressed satisfaction with the military progress and also asserts that there has been "some progress . . . socially and politically as well," although where that wishful thinking comes from is not clear.

The same Dispatch article quotes several Ohio Democrats arguing against continuing the surge.

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