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Friday, February 17

Northeast Ohio Races

Thanks to the Toledo Blade, I've now been able to update my list as to candidates in Northeast Ohio races: Congressional races 4, 5, and 9; Ohio House races 6, 46-49, and 74-76; and Ohio Senate races 1 and 11. A few notable points:

* Announced candidate John Kostyo (D) did not file in the 4th Congressional District, leaving only Richard Siferd (D-Lima) on the Democratic side. Republican front-runner State Sen. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) is joined by five other candidates on the Republican side.

* In Ohio House District 74, announced candidate Ted Penner, a Noble Township trustee, did not file. Four other Republicans will vie for the chance to run against Wittenberg University student Ben McCullough (D-Montpelier). Go, Ben!

* Of all the races on which the Blade reported, only incumbent Rep. Mark Wagoner Jr (R-Toledo) of the Ohio House 46th District can coast to re-election. All of the other incumbents picked up opponents.

* The Blade reports that Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Chris McNulty filed petitions in his own name to preserve the party's place on the ballot in the race for Auditor, in case a court voids the candidacy of State Rep. Mary Taylor (R-Green), based on a new state election law she may have violated.


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