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Friday, February 10

Oh House 19th: Marian Harris (D) To Run

Marian Harris (D-Columbus), a long-time activist, former teacher, and former aide to Senator Howard Metzenbaum, has launched a website in support of her campaign for the Ohio House, 19th District. "I've always worked behind the scenes in politics - never had any aspirations to run for public office," Harris states on her site, "But now it's different. We have to take a stand. The Republicans in the Statehouse have run state government into the ground for 12 years and it's time to turn it around." Noting her long residence in the 19th district, she says "when I moved to Ohio, it was a proud state, a prosperous state, first in all the good things. Now, we lead in bankruptcies, foreclosures, job loss. Our educational system is floundering despite four - yes four - rulings by the Supreme Court that our system of funding education is unconstitutional. ... I have spent much of my life listening to people's problems and trying to find ways to solve them. Now I want to take your concerns to the Statehouse where once again, you will be heard." Harris will oppose incumbent Larry L. Flowers (R-Canal Winchester).


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 19th is a seat where voter turnout for D and D-leaning voters really falls off in non-presidential years. It's a 60% R district. Flowers typically pulls more than his share of D-leaning voters because he's well known and well liked throughout the area.

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