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Friday, February 10

OH House: Familiar Names to Run

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting in its so-called "blog" (can they really call it that without allowing comments?) that football great Tom Cousineau (R) will run for the Ohio House in the Akron area, and Ted Celeste (D), brother of Ohio's former governor, will oppose a Republican incumbent in the Columbus area, but no districts are identified for either. I will update if I can get details for either.
UPDATE: Paul indicates in a comment that Celeste is running in the 24th District. My Akron source tells me Cousineau lives in the 41st District, so presumably he will run against incumbent Brian Williams (D), a narrow victor in 2004.


At 10:43 AM, Blogger Paul said...

I can't speak for Cousineau's district but Ted Celeste is running in the 24th district.

When I read this I wondered at the pathetic state of Journalism today where the simple who/what/when/where/why went by the wayside.




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