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Sunday, February 12

OH House: Hate-Mongering Bigots (R) Introduce Anti-Adoption Bill

Targeting helpless children, Republican "legislators" have introduced H.B. 515, a hate law that would limit the chances for the 20,000 Ohio children in state or county custody of being placed in loving homes. As has become all too usual for the wingnut-dominated Republican party, this loathsome bill is supported by "truthy"-sounding junk science. The bill's principal sponsor, Ron Hood (R-Ashville), claims that studies have shown that youngsters do best in a home where they're raised by a mother and a father. The correct scientific term for this claim is "a lie." Any objective look at the pertinent studies shows that youngsters do no better or worse with straight versus gay parents. Of course, this falsification of science comports nicely with the Republican treatment of "intelligent design" and "abstinence" programs, and the dire threats of mercury pollution and global warming. As Sen. Inhofe (R-OK) likes to say, "Global warming is the second greatest hoax after the separation of church and state." Ri-i-i-ight.

Also consistent with other vile Republican policies, this piece of legislative offal purports to advance "morality." There are indeed true moral crises in the world today, and they are: the grotesque disparity between rich and poor (which is rapidly advancing due to Republican subservience to corporations and the super-rich), 46 million Americans without health insurance, degradation of the environment, the low minimum wage, the lack of jobs, and - oh yeah - the unjust and futile war in Iraq that is making us less and less safe against terrorism.

But no, the "moral" front upon which our Republican legislators wish to focus is pandering to fear, ignorance, and homophobia. Sounds like Wingnut GOTV to me. The Jesus whom I revere, by the way, is much more about acceptance, respect, and caring for the sick and the poor than about hatred and bigotry toward gays. So as to those of you who mistakenly think that your narrow-minded and perverted obsession with other people's sex lives is an acceptable expression of Christianity, I beg to differ. And trying to impose your twisted religious views on the rest of us through legislation is about as Un-American as anything I can think of.

UPDATE:Contact information for the ten co-sponsors is at Buckeye Senate Blog. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, this particular piece of hate legislation is doomed to fail, citing a staffer for the House Majority Leader, but this issue is not going away. Far-right "family values" groups are pushing it hard, and it may yet reappear in Ohio as a ballot initiative.

Kudos to Ohio House 21st Dist. candidate Jean Herendeen Ackerman (D-Columbus) for coming out strong against H.B. 515. She is running for the seat of Linda Reidelbach, a term-limited co-sponsor of the bill. Please join me in sending some dollars and/or volunteering some time to support her campaign!


At 11:19 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Jean Herendeen Ackerman, Democratic candidate in State House 21, has issued a press release about this issue.

Read this from Buckeye Senate Blog to read more.

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Pounder said...

I'd still have people contact the bigots - otherwise they dont know what level of anger is out there for future moves.

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