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Friday, February 17

Various Races Updated

By checking the Cincinnati Enquirer web site and CentralOhio.com, I have been able to update my list as to Congressional races 1, 2, 8 and 18; Ohio Senate races 29 and 31; and Ohio House races 5, 73, 76 and 85. Some highlights:

* In the 18th Congressional District, scandal-tainted incumbent Bob Ney (R-Heath) will be challenged in the Republican primary by financial anlayst James Broadbelt Harris (R-Zanesville).

* Morton Meier (D) will oppose House Majority Leader John Boehner in the 8th Congressional District.

* Incumbent Jean Schmidt (R) in the 2nd Congressional District will be challenged by two new Republican candidates in the primary, James E. Constable and Deborah A. Kraus, as well as by the previously-announced challenger, former Rep. Bob McEwen.

* April Howland (D) will oppose incumbent John Carey (R-Welston) in the Ohio Senate 17th District.


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