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Tuesday, May 16

Ohio House 90th: Grassbaugh (D) Promises Change; Collier (R) Backs Bob Ney

Duane Grassbaugh (D-Howard) has a campaign website up in support of his second bid to unseat incumbent Thom Collier (R-Mt. Vernon) in the Ohio House 90th District, which serves Morrow, Knox, Richland and Ashland Counties. Grassbaugh's campaign is a forthright call for rejecting the corrupt Republican status quo:
"[T]he Republican majority in this state has managed, many times over, to only serve themselves, special interests, big business and big money. They are party to ethical impropriety in governance both nationwide and in Ohio. Our sitting governor is a convicted felon. ... Ohio cannot afford such a reckless "I-ME-MINE" philosophy any longer. It is TIME for CHANGE. ... If YOU are sick and tired of this daily mis-management at the state level by a Republican majority, then listen to what my campaign has to say. I want to serve YOU. I want to help re-invent the Ohio economy, attract 21st century jobs. As 90th District Representative, I serve you, NOT special interests, big business and big money."
Meanwhile, the incumbent has put himself squarely on the side of public corruption by coming out strongly in support of embattled Rep. Bob Ney (R-Heath). Speaking at GOP candidates forum earlier this year, Collier spoke up for Ney, as reported in the Mount Vernon News:
Saying Ney was one of the No. 1 targets of the Democrats in the November election, Collier cautioned the committee to not let the media be Ney’s "judge, jury and executioner."

"The man needs a chance to get his views heard and out in the public," said Collier. "We need to get behind Bob Ney and support him and encourage him."
Great quote! Doesn't leave much doubt about who is for clean government in the 90th District.


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grassbaugh's website might be better if it were correct. Bob Taft is not a convicted felon. He pled guilty to 4 misdemeanors.

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that sounds better. Actually he plead no contest. Easy out. FOUR misdemeanors. Count 'em. More importantly, a first for a sitting governor. Ever.

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