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Wednesday, July 26

Gov: Blackwell (R) Attacked by "Blacks Against Blackwell"

The tactics employed by gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati) to pry African-American voters away from the Democratic Party are stirring up a response that he isn't going to like.

Blackwell has been trying to woo black voters in populous Cuyahoga County with a full-color flyer that features a photo of a large-headed, goggle-eyed black man frightened by the sight of Strickland’s name. Now the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that "a renegade group" called "Blacks against Blackwell" has begun distributing a flyer that groups Blackwell with President Bush and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas:
"Our color -- but not our kind" reads the flyer, complete with photos. "Joined at the hips and lips. The bad bunch. This trio has worked hard to suppress votes, erase civil rights and kill public education. In November, vote Ted Strickland for Governor of Ohio."
Sounds like Blackwell's offensive flyer has tapped into some real anger and resentment.


At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blacks against Blackwell is the most asnine thing I've heard. How can you vote aginst yourself? It's very clear that these people would rather vote for someone who has never hired a Black person than one who has. It's the same old tune with Black democrats in power "believe us". Well the Black democrats in power never do anything for the people. They enrich themselves and their friends. Wake up Black people and send a LOUD and clear message-- We will sacrifice 4 more years until they get it right. The days of taking us for advantage and granted are over. Vote Blackwell November 7th.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Christopher King said...

No way. I was an editor of the Call & Post when Kenny Boy was still in Cincinnati, and he was just as untrustworthy then as he is now.

We called him "whitewash" not because of race, but because he's just so full of dookie.

Check him out:

Here’s some background on Blackwell; I’ve followed him for the better (or worse) part of 20 years now: I like how he hides his affiliation with the Council for National Policy, right.

Not to mention his affiliation with Diebold.





Just because Dems take us for granted doesn't mean we have to vote for Ken's sorry ass.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken Blackwell hasn't been black for the past 16 years....so why choose to be black now? The policies of the Democratic Party are more aligned to the needs of the citizens of Ohio. We need reforms in education and health care. We need jobs. Blackwell's policies are not in our best interest. Inform yourself....and read!!!!


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