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Tuesday, July 25

Sen: Brown (D) Turns "Smoke" Debacle Into Fundraiser

Showing encouraging tenacity and creativity, the senatorial campaign of Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) has morphed the faked image of a smoking World Trade Center tower from the disastrous 9/11-themed TV ad by Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Cedarville) into a special fund-raising drive to combat misleading attacks.

Called "Clear the GOP Smokescreen," the fund-raising appeal describes the widespread criticism of the ad over its political exploition of 9/11, and the embarrassing fiasco of the doctored image, and says that "with help from Karl Rove and the masterminds behind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth -- who produced the controversial ad -- DeWine has attempted to shroud Ohio in a thick smokescreen of smears and distortions in an effort to hide the truth." After describing the Democratic response to the ad, and two recent polls showing that Sherrod continues to lead DeWine by eight points (the Columbus Dispatch and Zogby/WSJ), the appeal states that "we need your support to prevent DeWine from clouding the truth again."

This would be a very good time to help the Sherrod Brown campaign keep up the counterattack against this despicable smear campaign.


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