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Tuesday, August 8

Gov: The Revolution Will Be Videotaped

You love the candidate. After the election you can see the movie!

I met John Intrater (holding the camera) and Jason Zone Fisher, enterprising young documentary filmmakers, at the appearance by Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack (D) at the Solon Community Center yesterday. The pair graduated from Syracuse University recently, Jason with a major in broadcast journalism and John in advertising design. They call their collaborative venture In The Zone Productions, and the two of them are filming the gubernatorial race for a documentary. Tentatively titled "Swing State," the film is destined for independent film festivals if John and Jason's plan works out.

As for access to campaign events, it's got to help that Jason is the son of former attorney general and current lieutenant governor candidate Lee Fisher (D-Cleveland). At least, that assures access to the Democratic campaign. Jason admitted that it has been more difficult getting footage of the Republican candidate, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati), especially since the Blackwell campaign doesn't seem to do very many announced public appearances. (The campaign site of Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) and Fisher has a list of upcoming events linked on the first page; Blackwell's site has none.)

However, being the son of a famous candidate has its drawbacks. During her remarks at the Solon Community Center, secretary of state candidate Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus) commented that when she worked on Lee Fisher's campaign for governor in 1998, Jason was in junior high school. "It's neat to see a person who was made to march in a lot of parades for his Dad's campaign, and look at him now!" Brunner said. ("I still do that," Jason murmured.) "Some day you'll be up here giving speeches," Gov. Vilsack added.

UPDATE: Check out their state-of-the-art web site. Excellent logo, background, photos, and video. And coming soon - a trailer for the movie.


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This film is gonna rock!


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