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Tuesday, September 26

Cong OH-14: Katz (D) to Sponsor Huge Rally for the Troops

Law professor and congressional candidate Lew Katz (D-Chesterland) will sponsor a major outdoor rally to support past and present members of the U.S. Armed Forces in Willoughby on Saturday, October 7. The event will start at 10:30 a.m. at the Willoughby Gazebo at Park Point, across from City Hall.

The rally will feature a decorated member of the famous 101st Pathfinder Company and elected officials and candidates from both parties. There will be live music and a festival atmosphere. Visitors are encouraged to display American flags and show their support for soldiers now deployed overseas, and will have the opportunity to personally recognize those who have sacrificed so much to fight in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Somalia and Vietnam. Attendees also will be encouraged to share their stories, concerns, and support throughout the event.

A former Navy officer, Katz advocates a "Three 'R's" plan to gradually reduce our troop presence in Iraq and replace our soldiers with Iraqis and allied Muslim nations to help redevelop the nation.

This event will double as a fundraiser for Veteran's support organizations. People are encouraged to bring donations and items to be sent overseas for soldiers currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


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