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Sunday, October 8

Gov: Three Big Newspaper Endorsements for Strickland (D) UPDATED

UPDATED - The Columbus Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Toledo Blade backed Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) today. The Dispatch called Ohio a "purple" state that "requires a governor who can work with red and blue Ohioans, who can cool the fever of partisanship with moderation and common sense." Of Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati), the editors wrote that his "bold" ideas "alarm a significant portion of the electorate, including many in his own party. Boldness is not the test of leadership; sound judgment is." They called Strickland's ideas less flashy but more carefully conceived, and "Strickland's moderation and consensus-building style are more likely to be effective regardless of the legislature's political makeup."

The Plain Dealer wrote that "Blackwell reeks of recklessness," while Strickland "projects steadiness, but often appears stunningly free of vision." However, the contest is a "fairly easy call" because "the ideas Strickland has been willing to advance so far are solid, and we are relatively confident he will continue to surround himself with smart people who can help him implement and expand upon them." They also wrote that "[w]e believe Strickland has a better chance to accomplish good things for Ohio because he and his running mate, Lee Fisher, understand the state's needs better than their Republican opponents."

The Blade emphasized the disastrous nature of Republican rule, writing that "16 years of one-party domination that produced the criminal conviction of their governor and a scandal that continues to resonate through this election season with the felony trial of Tom Noe." Consequently "the Republicans have worn out whatever welcome they had, and Ohioans, as the polls continue to show, are fed up." They conclude that "Ohio deserves better," which they find in Strickland's "broad background that should serve him well in Columbus."


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous J-Dog said...

The Toledo BLADE also endorsed the Strickland-Fisher ticket today!

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

Thanks for the correction, J-Dog! I have updated the post.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Ambercat said...

I'm really tired of the way the Plain Dealer is backhanding Strickland, saying things like Blackwell has more ideas or that Strickland's "stunningly free of vision." I don't know: his vision of focusing on education, job creation, business growth and expanding affordable health care sounds pretty good to me. And he's only flogged it endlessly for over a YEAR. Where's the Plain Dealer been hiding? If they want to disagree with his "vision" and "ideas", fine, but I am more than a little sick of papers like the PD constantly flogging the frame that Democrats have "no ideas," "no plan," no "vision," when it's just that they are not paying attention. They did exactly the same thing — just as completely erroneously — to John Kerry.

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it's good to remember that two of these papers - the Dispatch and the Plain Dealer - endorsed Bush in 2004.

Retired in Ohio - and tired of Republican rule --- in Columbus and in Washington!


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