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Monday, October 23

Ohio Sen 27th: Hanna (D) Gains ABJ Endorsement

As posted this morning by Redhorse at the excellent blog Psychobilly Democrat, the Akron Beacon Journal has endorsed Judy Hanna (D-Bath Township) over State Sen. Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls):
Hanna, 40, is a first-time candidate. That said, she offers impressive energy, intelligence and a drive to change Ohio's course, particularly when it comes to education funding. The part-time University of Akron history professor has developed a practical, research-oriented bent working for Common Cause on election reform and for Friends of the Crooked River and the Sierra Club on environmental issues. That experience would serve her well in the legislature.

Hanna began to consider running against Coughlin after he ducked meetings on an election bill he sponsored. Her interest has blossomed into a full-fledged, competitive campaign. Hanna would work for an education funding system that reduces reliance on local property taxes, with more state aid filling the gap. She supports an alliance between labor and environmental groups to create new jobs by manufacturing solar panels, wind generators and other ``green'' energy sources.

. . .

Coughlin has labeled Hanna a criminal for a minor election violation (covering up the word "for'' on a banner, implying incumbency). E-mails by Coughlin four years ago did the same, using used the word ``re-elect,'' when Coughlin had been appointed.

Whether on the campaign trail or in the legislature, Coughlin talks a big game. He knows self-promotion. Voters deserve more from a candidate with a decade of Statehouse experience. Judy Hanna shows the promise to develop into a leader who will get things moving in the right direction.


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