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Tuesday, October 24

Sen: Brown (D) Gets "B" Grade, DeWine (R) Gets "D+" On Supporting Troops

This story on DailyKos.com reports that the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America studied 324 legislative votes in the last five years which affected American troops and veterans (including veterans' benefits, healthcare, and medical research dedicated towards injured soldiers) and calculated which senators and congressmen had a history of supporting the troops, and which did not. The full results are available in a searchable database. Blogger Bob Geiger has helpfully reduced these results to a table of Senators ranked according to letter grades. Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Cedarville) gets a lousy mark of "D+". Ohio's other Republican incumbent, Sen. George Voinovich (R), gets a "D". Every Democratic Senator scores better than any Republican.

UPDATE: Geiger also reports that challenger Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) got a "B" grade under this system:
Republican Senator Mike DeWine -- you know, he's the guy who starts one of his campaign's television ads with "While they're fighting for us abroad, he's fighting for them at home" -- came in with a D+. His opponent, Democrat Sherrod Brown, was given a B rating for his military votes in the House, despite DeWine's bogus claim in an October 1 Meet the Press debate that Brown "has voted against funding for the military when it really counted."


At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Rieckhoff, who is the executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, was even accused by Stan Goff (a socialist writer and anti-war activist, and member of Bring Them Home Now!) of being "a plant for the Democratic Party, using his outfit's non-profit status to give him plausible deniability." Those are his own words. Even a socialist anti-war guy calls this spade a spade.

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

Get your facts straight, and don't quote things out of context. Stan Goff is a socialist who detests the Democratic party. The comment you quote is from:


Goff wrote that charge about Rieckhoff in connection with a different "outfit" (Operation Truth), not IAVA. And, Goff's complaint was that Rieckhoff opposed an anti-war demonstration. Goff's objection has nothing to do with IAVA or with leftist bias (the opposite, actually), and it's irrelevant to the credibility of the study I cite.

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stan Goff is a socialist who detests the Democratic party.

I suppose this is because you guys are just a bunch of greedy capitalists?

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

Yes, Goff's problem with Democrats is their faith in capitalism. Whether you like it to admit it or not, Democrats support competition, entrepreneurship, and the role profit motive in a healthy economy. It's just the undue influence of exceedingly wealthy and powerful corporations over government that Democrats denounce.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And wealthy individuals like George Soros and Peter Lewis?


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