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Tuesday, October 10

Statewide Races: New Bliss Poll Numbers

A new poll released by the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron shows all Democrats with at least a narrow lead except for the attorney general contest. This poll is notable for the enormous proportion of undecided voters, so the findings are not especially meaningful in predicting the outcomes. Numbers are likely voters (except all respondents in parentheses):

Attorney General
23.8% (22.1%) Dann (D)
38.2% (32.2%) Montgomery (R)
1.9% (2.4%) Other
35.3% (46.7%) Undecided

29.2% (25.1%) Sykes (D)
18.8% (14.4%) Taylor (R)
1.9% (2.1%) Other
50.1% (58.4%) Undecided

Secretary of State
26.8% (23.5%) Brunner (D)
19.9 % (13.8%) Hartmann (R)
0.8% (1.5%) Other
50.1% (58.4%) Undecided

28.8% (23.8%) Cordray (D)
26.2% (20.9%) O'Brien (R)
1.5% (1.7%) Other
43.5% (53.6%) Undecided

Also included in the poll is this interesting generic question on Congressional races:

Generic Congressional Poll
31.6% (29.2%) Democratic
30.5% (21.5%) Republican
2.6% (2.6%) Other
35.3% (46.7%) Undecided

This random telephone survey of 1,073 Ohioans was taken from August 20th to September 29th. The margin of error is 4.5 points as to likely voters, 3 points overall.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger redhorse said...

I've got a short explanation of the LV numbers at PBD.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Ambercat said...

I'm sorry but — WHAT?

It's a little hard to take a poll seriously which puts Sandra O'Brien running neck and neck with Rich Cordray with a significantly higher percentage of votes than either Taylor or Hartmann both of whom have been running actual campaigns.



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