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Monday, November 6

Gov & Sen: Final Polls Show Dems Far Ahead

Just for the record, here are two final polls confirming large leads for Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) and Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon):

Ohio Poll
59.1% Strickland (D)
36.8% Blackwell (R)

55.7% Brown (D)
44.3% DeWine (R)

55% Strickland (D)
38% Blackwell (R)

54% Brown (D)
42% DeWine (R)

62% Strickland (D)
35% Blackwell (R)

58% Brown (D)
40% DeWine (R)

It is important to remember that back in February or March these kinds of leads were in "pipe dream" territory. It is a testament to a couple of strong candidates who ran nearly flawless campaigns, but also of the deep public disgust with how things are going under Republican rule.

Polimetrix, by the way, is an internet poll conducted October 27th through November 5th with a margin of error of approximately 7 points.


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