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Monday, November 6

Cong OH-2: Poll Obervers Urgently Needed

Volunteers are needed to observe election proceedings at polling places in Warren and Clermont counties. Please send your name, phone number, address, and e-mail address to myoung721-at-aol.com in time to make the deadline of 4:00 pm today, November 6th, for submitting the information to election officials.

These counties were the scene of serious voting irregularities in previous elections. Observers were shut out from observing the counting of votes in Warren County in 2004 on the basis of an alleged FBI terrorism warning which turned out not to exist. In Clermont County, witnesses testified under oath that paper ballots were doctored (with white stickers used to cover up blackened circles) in order to take away votes from Paul Hackett in 2005. A decription of these events is at the end of this story in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Ohio 2nd is reporting
that there is a hearing today in a lawsuit in Cleveland over last-minute directives by Secretary of State Ken Blackwell that change the rules on election observers. A ruling is expected immediately after the hearing.


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