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Monday, November 6

Candlelight Vigil in Cleveland Tonight to Celebrate Voting Rights Victories

Subodh Chandra, attorney general candidate in the primary and a great champion of the cause of voters rights this year, invites you to join him for a candlelight vigil starting at 6:00 pm tonight, November 6th, in front of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, Euclid Avenue & E. 30th Street in Cleveland, to celebrate winning back the right to vote.

This event commemorates two important court victories over vote-suppressing provisions of the new elections law, House Bill 3, rammed through the legislature earlier this year along party lines by Republican leadership. In one lawsuit the court threw out rules that would have required naturalized citizens to produce documentary proof of citizenship on demand. In the other, a consent decree removed the most onerous aspects of the new voter ID requirements. At tonight's vigil, Pamela Denton and others who won back their voting rights in court speak out on the right and responsibility to vote. Chandra will answer questions about Ohio voter-ID rules for the November 7th general election.

There is on-street metered parking on Euclid Avenue and nearby Prospect Avenue. There is also CSU visitor parking lot AA on East 30th Street, between Chester Avenue and Euclid Avenue. Budget plenty of time due to construction.


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous michele said...

what victories? has the election been held yet? has every vote been counted? until we have fair elections carried out without any problems, there has been no victory.


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