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Friday, November 3

Ohio House 38th: Republican Local Official Debunks DDN Endorsement of White (R)

Thanks to the great blog DaytonPolitics, here is the text of a letter to the editor published in the Dayton Daily News today, demolishing its recent endorsement of Rep. John White (R-Kettering) over challenger Carolyn Rice (D-Kettering):
Taking issue with recommendation

Two points of clarification regarding the DDN’s recommendation for the 38th House District: First, state Rep. John White is not, as the DDN suggests, an engaging, enthusiastic participant in Washington Twp.’s affairs. He has made little or no effort, nor has he taken any time to engage in even a discussion of state-level matters that may be of import to the citizens of Washington Twp.

Second, with regard to Carolyn Rice’s credentials, having held municipal office is not a requirement of being a state representative. Integrity, good judgment, common sense and concern for the welfare of all citizens are. Rice qualifies.

In the future, the DDN may wish to investigate and verify its conclusions about individuals.

— Terry Blair
Washington Twp.
The author is Vice President of the Washington Township Board of Trustees and is a proud Republican.


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