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Friday, February 17

Columbus Area Races Updated

Many thanks to a friend who just sent me an official list of petitions filed for the following Columbus area races, which I have updated on my list: Congressional races 12 and 15; Ohio Senate races 3 and 15; and Ohio House races 19-27. Some names that are new to me:

* Edward S. Brown (D-Columbus) and Michael Reilly (D-Powell) are additional candidates in the Democratic primary for Pat Tiberi's 12th Congressional District seat, joining Nick Singh, Paddy Schaffer, John Swords and Robert Shamansky.

* John M. Roscoe (R-Columbus) will oppose incumbent Ray Miller in the Ohio Senate 15th District race.

* Beverly Campbell (D-Gahanna) joins Edward Nyhan (D-Bexley) in the primary to determine an opponent to incumbent Jim McGregor (R-Gahanna) in Ohio House District 20.

* Insurance executive Kevin Bacon (R-Columbus) obtained the Republican party endorsement and will run for the open Ohio House District 21 seat of retiring incumbent Linda Reidelbach (R). Jean Herendeen Ackerman and Dean C. Hernandez are the Democratic candidates.

* James B. Agler, Chris Courtney, and Steve Von Jasinsky join Traci Johnson and Ted Celeste in the Democratic primary in Ohio House District 24. Geoffrey C. Smith (R) is the incumbent.

* Michael D. Wiles (R-Columbus) will oppose incumbent Dan Stewart (D-Columbus) in Ohio House District 25.

* Clarence Glover, Tracy Heard, and Jennifer Scott will challenge incumbent Mike Mitchell (D-Columbus) in the Democratic primary in Ohio House District 26. Michael Elicson is the Republican candidate.

* John E. Jufko (R-Columbus) will oppose incumbent Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus) in Ohio House District 27.


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