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Monday, February 20

OH House 93rd: Gadd (R) to Oppose Garrison (D)

Thanks again to a reader who sent me an article from the Marietta Times, reporting on election petitions filed for the Ohio House 93rd District. Incumbent Jennifer Garrison (D-Marietta) will be opposed in the general election by Donald Gadd (R-Byesville), mayor of Byesville. Gadd says that he is running for the General Assembly in order to bring to the region the success he has had promoting economic development and jobs in Byesville. Garrison cites her plan for financing public education as a principal motivation for seeking re-election.


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Garrison's not planning to gay-bash her way to re-election?

Aside from a blank state check to schools, what is her education plan? How does she intend to fund it?

At 3:30 PM, Blogger The Truth said...

So has anyone check on what Gadd has actually accomplished? He has Byesville so far in debt that it will take the Village until the next three generations graduate high school to pay it off!!! This is the guy that sued his own Village Council! Byesville is practically a ghost town, what jobs?

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

some of the issues you raise are interesting... let's talk debt: gadd has stimulated econimic development in an extremely depressed area. his programs have created jobs for several hundred people and helped increase the tax base for the area.
if you want to talk about the suit and city council, when you have a bunch of narrow-minded people blocking every effort to change the status-quo, sometimes strange things happen.
as for his "debt", he's brought much to the area in the way of federal grants and matching funds programs through the government. a lot of the "extra costs" which have been incurred have been the result of narrow minded people throwing sand into the gears of progress. whenever a project gets delayed, it always costs more to get it finished. also, some of the costs have been caused by the regulations of other government agencies, thereby driving up the final costs. with the increased revenues from the new businesses, the debt you speak of will be gone within ten to twenty years, not the generations you claim

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