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Wednesday, March 15

Ohio House 13th & 16th: Write-In Candidates File for Primary

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports today (sorry - could not find a link in the online edition) that John P. Hildebrand (R-Lakewood) has filed as a write-in candidate in the Ohio House 13th District race. Hildebrand is the only Republican candidate in that contest. The Democrats are incumbent State Rep. Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood), Ben Perry (D-Lakewood), and Ernest M. Phillips (D-Lakewood). Skindell won re-election in 2004 without opposition.

In addition, Michael J. O'Shea (D-Rocky River) has filed as a write-in candidate for the Ohio House 16th District seat of term-limited incumbent State Rep. Sally Conway Kilbane (R-Rocky River). O'Shea, an attorney with a practice in downtown Cleveland, was formerly President of the Rocky River Democratic Club and is now the City Prosecutor for Rocky River. He joins Lanene Marie Meslat (D-Westlake) in the Democratic primary. Edward F. Herman (R-Rocky River) is the only Republican candidate. The last Democratic general election candidate in the 16th District, Kevin Kennedy, got 38.26% of the vote in 2004, against 58.73% for Conway and 3.02% for independent candidate Chris Glassburn.

UPDATE: In a telephone call this evening, O'Shea declined to outline specific positions on campaign issues at this time but remarked that "Republicans have given us [Democrats] a laundry list of issues on which to campaign," and referred to his Republican opponent Edward F. Herman as "Little Blackwell." I hope to receive more information for a future posting about his campaign.


At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a perfectly good reason why O'Shea does not have a campaign strategy or any stances on positions. He is merely a placeholder for another as yet unnamed Democratic candidate. So that is why he just takes a swipe at Herman, a real candidate. O'Shea has run a number of times for office in Rocky River and could never win. He tried to get a city charter issue passed so that candidates would not be listed as (R) or (D) on the ballot. This failed miserably. He is now city prosecutor because his buddy Andy Bemer (D) was elected Law Director after a smear campaign in '05.

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lanene Meslat is another placeholder only. She is unscrupulous in her feeble attempt to practice law and would be a miserable failure as a legislator if she were ever a true candidate. Edward F.Herman is a true tested American patriot who would be a fine addition to the statehouse.


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