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Wednesday, March 15

Ohio House 8th: Budish (D) Gains Plain Dealer Endorsement

In a big boost for Armond Budish (D-Beachwood) in his campaign to succeed Ohio Senate candidate Lance Mason (D-Shaker Heights) as State Representative for the 8th District, the Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed Budish today. Budish is a partner in the Beachwood law firm of Budish & Solomon and is the author of several law books for general readers, as well as a free-lance column in the Plain Dealer called "You and the Law." The editorial board praises Budish as "a veteran attorney" with "a solid understanding of every key issue facing state government" and "unquestioned knowledge of areas relating to Medicare, Medicaid and nursing homes," making him "an expert on issues relating to how government policies impact the lives of senior citizens" who would be a "significant asset to the legislature."

The editors also state that the other three Democratic candidates "have the potential to serve adequately in the legislature." Thaddeus Jackson (D-Bedford Heights) "is a veteran political insider and a teacher at Rhodes High School in Cleveland." Marcia McCoy (D-Cleveland) is "a former political director for the Cleveland AFL-CIO who is now devoting full time to her campaign." Isaac Powell (D-Shaker Heights) is "an employee of the Orange School District and the Shaker Heights library who has run for elected office three times."

There are no Republican candidates in the race. The 8th District includes Beachwood, Bedford, Bedford Heights, Highland Hills, North Randall, Orange, Shaker Heights, Warrensville Heights, Woodmere, and parts of Cleveland's southeast side.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Paul said...

And then there is his massive fundraising numbers.

$117,750.00 raised and $190,000.00 borrowed.

Makes every other state house candidate VERY jealous.


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