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Monday, April 3

Ballot Issues: TEL in Trouble

Opposition in small towns is a big indication that the Tax and Expenditure Limitation amendment ("TEL") supported by gubernatorial candidate Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati) is in real trouble. Today's Marion Star features this story about questions and concerns raised by the poorly-drafted ballot issue, and publicizes a "public informational meeting" on the TEL amendment to be held at 7 p.m. tonight in the auditorium at Tri-Rivers Career Center, 2222 Marion-Mount Gilead Road. The article quotes Mayor Jack Kellogg as saying that while he has more to learn about TEL, "from what I see it would be a disaster to municipalities, counties, townships, villages and the state of Ohio." Marion Township Trustee Dick Rasmussen says the amendment usurps authority that the voters elect public officials to take on. Cathy Chaffin, clerk of Marion City Council and Democratic Party chairwoman in Marion County, sees a bipartisan consensus building to oppose the amendment: "This is the one bill that Democrats and Republicans together will be doing a door-to-door campaign to defeat. ... It will in effect cripple government."

Do ordinary folks agree with their local elected leaders?

Fair Park Avenue resident Dave Edwards said, 'My feelings from everything I've read is I think it's a bad deal. My concern is it's going to hit places that have already been hit hard enough and that, of course, number one is our education system.' He said he worries that the state's infrastructure and police and fire departments could deteriorate if the TEL passes. He said it appears that local governments wouldn't be able to save revenue for potential future needs.
If TEL can't garner support even in the more conservative smaller communities in Ohio, it's definitely DOA in November.


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